09 July 2014

Combining blogs

So I am still blogging but decided to just have one blog and will only be posting at my main blog from now on, Transitional Kinder with Mrs.O

Transitional Kinder with Mrs.O

Over the next few weeks I will be revamping and updating the goodies from this blog and posting there. Come on over and check out my latest WBT Wednesday posts and update your bookmarks :) 
Thanks so much for reading this little blog  :)

03 August 2013

PowerPix JPEGs all ready to Go!

Decided to post on my main teaching blog about PowerPix and shared my latest, JPEGs of all the Math and ELA PowerPix with blank labels ready to add your own standards and grade levels to :)
Hop over HERE to grab these and be sure to share in the comments what you think and what you create :)

02 August 2013

WBT Intro for Preschool-2nd Grade

I realized I have not shared the 2 Intro to WBT lessons I was able to create with the fabulous WBT Construction Kit found in the Free Downloads section of wholebrainteaching.com.
There is an Early Education version for PreK-Kinder and a Primary version for 1st-2nd. If you teach 3rd grade or higher I recommend using the original WBT Intro found at wholebrainteaching.com under Free Ebooks in the Common Core section.

The Early Education Edition is a zipped file with PowerPoint and PDF versions of an 84 page presentation based on work from WholeBrainTeaching.com. The presentation will introduce your students to the Five classroom rules and five of Whole Brain Teaching's basic learning techniques:
Class-Yes, Hands and Eyes, Mirror Words, Teach-Okay, and the Scoreboard.

One PowerPoint and PDF contains teacher note on slides to help newbies and experienced Whole Brain Teachers alike teach these lessons. There is also a PowerPoint and PDF that contains no notes on student slides and limited teacher slides for those that prefer.

The Primary Version is a zipped file with PowerPoint and PDF versions of an 103 page presentation. The presentation will introduce your students to the Five classroom rules and five of Whole Brain Teaching's basic learning techniques: Class-Yes, Hands and Eyes, Mirror Words, Teach-Okay, and the Scoreboard AND a lesson on What is a Sentence?

Please let me know if you like these lessons. Would use other similar lessons with the PowerPix incorporated?

26 July 2013

Math Common Core PowerPix for Kinder &1st

Tonight I have Common Core PowerPix Math for Kindergarten and First Grade for you! Click the pictures to download.

I can't tell you how excited I am to be finishing up these Common Core PowerPix! These are one of my favorite WBT tools and I hope that these updated PowerPix and Teacher notes are useful. I want to be clear that these are NOT my creation but are edited from the PowerPix found under Free Ebooks at wholebrainteaching.com. The originals had the California State Standards and included the teacher notes and pix in one file. I have tried to tie each of the original PowerPix to the new Common Core Standards that so many states are now or will soon be using. There is one file of the Pix for ELA and one for Math for each grade level to be printed in color and/or shown on your LCD projector. There is a separate file of teacher notes, one ELA and one Math for each grade level, that can be printed in black and white. I have my PowerPix in sheet protectors with the matching teacher notes slid in the same sheet protector so that I can hold the PowerPix up and read the teacher notes :)

Here is a little explanation of what is on each PowerPix. I have simply changed the California State Standards to the Common Core Standards and formated the Teacher Notes to be one page for each PowerPix.
You can learn more about using PowerPix from Coach B's webcast below and from wholebrainteaching.com 

25 July 2013

ELA Common Core PowerPix for 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade

ELA is finished! Now upper grade teachers I am sorry I only have a few PowerPix for you but it is a start right? Please let me know if these are helpful and if you would also like Math. 

24 July 2013

Second Grade ELA Common Core PowerPix

Here are the Second Grade ELA Common Core PowerPix and Teacher Notes :)

Common Core Power Pix Update

I finally finished updating the ELA PowerPix with Common Core Standards and have the kindergarten and first grade ELA ready to share today :) I'm sure there are errors but I think these are much clearer and better organized than what I shared in 2011 when I first started learning about the Common Core Standards. Just click the picture below to download the PowerPix and then grab the Teacher Notes from the Goggle Doc below.
Please let me know what you think and come back throughout the week for the rest of ELA and then Math :)


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