10 June 2011

End of the year

This is the last full week of school in my school district then we have Monday and a half day Tuesday. We are still teaching and testing in my class. Variation has been key since our late spring break. Different score boards, especially Mystery Road have helped and Mind Soccer

To prevent summer sliding I have made a Super Summer folder for my students. It is a simple pocket folder with Super Math in one pocket and SuperSpeed  reading in the other. I am typing a simplified direction sheet for the cover for parents so students don't forget how to play. I put the Super Math in a page protector so students can write with expo pens then correct. I will try to take pictures this week before the folders go home with the students. 


  1. I love the idea of sending Super Speed home with them for the summer!

  2. Could you share your Direction Sheet for parents?

  3. I ended up just copying and pasting from the main direction sheets

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