28 August 2011

First Days in ..... Kinder!

So all summer I thought this would happen, went to set up my room and was told it probably would NOT happen and what happened Tuesday afternoon with school starting Wednesday? I was switched from first grade to morning kindergarten! I ended up starting the first day with the first graders I was going to have this year and the wonderful sub the school got for them in Room 501, then did some re organizing in my classroom, 104, and met with the afternoon kinders since all my students were placed in afternoon. Parents were happy to hear from the principals (we have co-principals) that we would now have a third morning kindergarten with me as the teacher.
With all the chaos of switching grades and not knowing what to expect from kinder I didn't know what WBT I would get done the first day. I was able to go over class yes and the 5 rules with the first grade class to get them started. With the kinders I did class yes and rule number 1 on Wednesday, lines and seats on Tuesday and all 5 rules and score board on Friday. Not what I had planned but it is a start especially when I had a few different kids each day. Monday I should have mostly the students I will have for the rest of the year so I hope to start the week like Day 1 of  Andrea Schindler's WBT document for starting Kinder
I hope to have pictures to share next week after Back to School Night when I have permission slips.


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