24 June 2012

Facebook Teacher Party


Come join me on my Facebook page and meet a bunch of my teacherific blogging buddies! Many will be posting special freebies on my wall. The fun starts at 6PM Pacific time!

21 June 2012

WBT Wednesday


WBT Power Pics are an amazing addition to my classroom because they provide so much bang for your teaching buck. Power Pics help students to use their whole brains to remember important state standards and core concepts. For each Power Pic there is a picture in the center to give you a quick visual of the concept, a Question and Answer prompt to help teach the concept auditorally and a gesture to teach kinistetically and really cement the concept. Even very difficult concept are made fun and quick to learn when you use Power Pics.

Each pic only takes a few minutes to go over and they are fun and engaging so you can get through many in a short time. The biggest strength of the Power Pics is that you can use them in many ways to fit your needs. Most of this year I have shown the pics from my computer on to the projector screen, done the Q and A and taught/reviewed the gesture. I saved ink and the students were all able to see the Power Pics. Key pics I printed and posted on our Focus Wall. Each day we practiced at least our Focus Wall Power Pics and students loved it. I love that I can post them on the wall, put them in a binder, print them smaller for students to review at their desk or even just project them on the wall. There are really no significant problems with Power Pics because once you understand them you can make your own

To help you make your own Power Pics I have made a PowerPoint template.

EDIT Aug 9, 2012
Here is the template with blue, red, green, purple and orange :)

10 June 2012

New Online Home and Linky Party

Just wanted to let everyone here know I have a new online home,

I will still be posting all things WBT here on this blog but will be sharing the rest of my adventures as a Transitional Kindergarten teacher at my new blog. I hope to see many of my WBT friends :)

If you have a Whole Brain Teaching blog please be sure to join the linky party at 


02 June 2012

Everything is coming up rainbows

So 8 school days left and I should be working on report cards but I have been inspired to create things for next year instead :) One of my FAV kinder blogs Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten has been sharing many wonderful freebies and tips over the last several days as she does Extreme Makeover-Classroom Edition. Be sure to hop over and follow her blog and TpT store. Her files are awesome and so cute! She made the cutest polka dot name tags here. I have decided to do a rainbow theme for my classroom so using Tammy's great file as inspiration I opened up My Memory Suite and finally used some 6 yr old digi scrapbooking paper to create these name tags. I made them 4 colors on a page with an extra blue and then 4 of each Rainbow color on a page.

Click here to download a copy of these Rainbow Tags if you would like :)


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