20 July 2012

WBTKindergarten Facebook Conversations- Class/Yes and the 5 Rules

So I have been busy on the WBT Kindergarten Facebook page with some awesome conversations! Our first conversation has been about Class/Yes. Here are the questions to ponder:
Why do you like Class/Yes?
Why do you use Class/Yes?
When do you introduce it?
How do you introduce it?
How do you change up your Class/Yes?

Our second conversation just started about the 5 Rules and 3-peats. Here are the questions for that:
When and how do you introduce the 5 Rules?
Do you use the WBT 5 Rules or did you have to make some changes?
What gestures do you use and how often do you practice them?
What 3-peats do you use and when do you teach them?
Why do you use the 5 Rules and 3-peats? How have they helped in starting the year?

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