27 April 2011

Gestures Video Library

A favorite part of WBT for me is the use of gestures and Mirror.
Since my BA is in Deaf Education I end up using a LOT of American Sign Language for gestures. I let the students know if a gesture is an ASL sign and they love learning a new language to help them learn with their Whole Brain. Here is a great site with video of American Sign Language signs. Just go to the Main Dictionary and try an ASL sign for your next gesture :)


  1. A thought that has often run through my brain is my concern that students will think that gestures are sign language. I learned the basics of ASL as a middle school student and they have stuck with me. However, the most that I use ASL in the classroom is the letters A-D for multiple choice questions. (and of course the bathroom sign).

    How many of the biffy toons gestures are ASL ... if any?

  2. If any are it is by accident not design. I try to make it a point that "this is a gesture" or "this is ASL for ,,,,,," and the kids seem to get the difference. There is a lot of research on how knowing ASL improves learning and if I know the sign I try to use it. I let my class come up with gestures for concepts that would take to long to sign. They LOVE making their own gestures



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